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Carter WGD 2 Barrel Carburetor Identification

Carter WGD, 2 barrel carburetor identification.

WGD Carburetor Identification
When you can’t find the carburetor tag, you may be able to identify the carburetor by using the casting number. Once you have a carburetor number you can enter it into the search box and click on GO. The correct carburetor kit will be displayed. This is not an exact science. Casting numbers tend to cross over several carburetor numbers.

Casting NumberCarburetor NumberApplication
604714s, 849sOldsmobile
771773s, 776s, 2115sHudson
774781s, 813sKaiser, Frazer
803767s, 784s, 928sPackard
904956sFederal Truck
967986s, 2102sPackard
987999s, 2052sKaiser
10492042sFederal Truck
Mikes Carburetor Parts

To get the correct carburetor kit you need to find the carburetor number. All carburetor kits are carburetor number specific. Back in the day you could order carburetor kits using the application information, but that bus has left the station. Odds are pretty good the carburetor has been switched out. Carburetors were replaced on a regular basis and just because two different carburetors fit a certain car doesn’t mean they use the same carburetor kit. The WGD carburetor had a tag attached to the top of the carburetor, which are often missing.

Any number that is stamped on the carburetor would be a casting number. Unfortunately parts with casting numbers were installed on more than one carburetor number, so kits cannot be selected using that number.

We do not like shipping wrong kits, so we work hard to match the carburetor with a kit.

So you can’t find a tag. Now what?

Take the carburetor apart and take pictures of all parts, including the gaskets. Also needed is the length of the accelerator pump stem. Top of the stem to the 1st washer. The diameter of the pump cup will also be needed.

Look up the kit using the application, starting here. Use that as a start and compare all of the parts.

An option would be to send us the pictures and we will try to match you up, however, we do not guarantee fitment without a valid carburetor number. Send the pictures to our Customer Relations Management

Updated on 01/09/2021

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