Pomono Swap Meet

I recently visited one of my suppliers that is located in the Los Angeles, CA area. While in the area I discovered a large annual swap meet that was being held in Pomono, CA. Not one to miss a good swap meet, I decided to spend my Sunday at the swap meet. The swap meet was scheduled for 5 am to 2 pm, which seemed like odd hours to me since all of the swap meets in my area (Olympia, WA) start around 8 am., but what the heck. So I got up very early and headed for the swap meet. Once there, I realized that it is totally dark at 5am (duh!) and I didn’t bring any flash light with me and guess what? There were no lights where the vendors were located. So picture 1,000s of participants walking from booth to booth looking at parts with a flashlight. All I could do was follow people around and look at what they were looking at because they had a flash light. I asked several people why the odd hours and the only response was that it has always been that way.
As an added bonus to the swap meet, there was a steady stream of classic cars driving down the road that was located next to the swap meet. We were able to sit down at a table eating lunch and watch the parade of cars. Pretty cool!

Anyhow it was a great swap meet. Lot’s of vendors (2500+) and I plan on driving down next year and set up an informational booth.

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