Tri-Power Carburetors

Rochester Tri-Power carburetor kits. These are the 2G and 2GC carburetors. The 2GC is the carburetor in the middle and would have the automatic choke attached. The front and rear carburetor does not have a choke.Selecting kits for the tri-power carburetors is straight forward if you still have the tags attached to the top of the carburetor. Rochester did not stamp the carburetor number in the side of the carburetor until 1968.T ri-power carburetors use two different carburetor kits. One kit for the center and the other kit for the front and back carburetors. Each kit services one carburetor, so to do all three carburetors you will need three kits.Be careful because chances are you may not have the original carburetors. It is rare that we see a tri-power setup that has the correct carburetors (numbers matching). Here is an example of a tri-power setup. Notice that the front an rear
carburetors use the same carburetor kit, but the center carburetor uses a different kit.1959-61 Chevrolet V-8 A/T NO AIR

7013015 FRONT CARBURETOR Tri-Power Carburetor Kit K6121
7013017 REAR CARBURETOR Tri-Power Carburetor Kit K6121
7013016 CENTER CARBURETOR Tri-Power Carburetor Kit K636

What if you don’t have the carburetor tags?

You have to make the best guess and the suggested way is to take the carburetor apart and carefully compare the old parts with the parts we have illustrated in the photos, or videos.

Here are the typical carburetor kits used on the Chevrolet carburetors (prior to 1968)






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