Motorcraft 2150 Float System

Our carburetor kits usually have more than one option for a float bowl gasket. Place each one on your carburetor float bowl. Pick the best fit. Be sure the gasket doesn’t allow outside air into the float bowl. Also any passage that actually goes somewhere should not be covered. Note that there may be cutouts and holes that are casting holes and don’t go anywhere. They can be covered.

It is OK if the gasket sticks out beyond the float bowl as long as the air cannot get into the float bowl.

Here is an example of 2 float bowl gaskets.

Motorcraft 2150 Float Bowl Gasket

How Do I Adjust My Float?

Motorcraft 2150, 2 Barrel Carburetor Float Adjustment
The float gauge illustrated is no longer available. Use a metal ruler to measure. The specification is different for each vehicle. Refer either to your motors manual, or the specification sheet included with your carburetor kit.
Motorcraft 2150, 2 barrel carburetor float adjustment

Measure the float level at A, from the bowl top to the top of the float while gently pressing down on the back of the float. In the end the float will look level. Find your measurement on the instruction sheet included with each carburetor kit. Can’t find your particular application? Pick the engine closest to what you have and use that measurement. Nitrophyl as illustrated and the brass type is measured the same.

Adjust the float by bending the tab (B). WARNING! Be careful not to put pressure on the needle. It will be damaged and leak. Move the float up and down by hand and see if you feel any catching, or rubbing. The float pin may be worn.

Updated on 12/27/2020

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