Carter AFB – Which Filter?

Carter AFB Fuel Filter

Most Carter AFB’s use the wire mesh fuel filter like #53 in the illustration, but not all.

AFB Fuel Inlet Fitting

Take a look at the fuel inlet fittings in the photo. The one on the left will use the screen filter. The one on the right has a snub nose and will not use a strainer. The strainer won’t fit this one without crushing the strainer.

Carter AFB Fuel Filter

That AFB would use wire mesh strainers on the float valve instead of the #53 strainer.
Carter AFB Fuel Filter Strainer

This is the fuel strainer for the AFB. One end is closed and it goes into the carburetor 1st. Don’t forget your fuel fitting gasket. You can click on the photo to order one.

Carter AVS Bronze Fuel Filter

Some of the Carter AVS carburetors use the bronze fuel filter type. See #30 in the illustration.

Carter AVS Bronze Fuel Filter

This is the bronze fuel filter. You can click on the photo to order one.

Fuel Filter Spring

The open end points to the outside end. There should be a spring that goes in before the filter that looks like this.

Even with the filters illustrated, I still prefer to have an in-line fuel filter.

When you have a leak at the fuel fitting, please do not use teflon tape. That will surely get into the needle & seat. We see this often. You can use liquid teflon, just keep it to the outside of the fitting.

Carter AFB Carburetor Parts
Updated on 04/05/2022

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