Carter BBD 2 Barrel Float

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How to adjust the BBD float?
BBD Float Adustment
Carter BBD 2 Barrel Carburetor Float

Remove float to adjust. To obtain proper alignment it may be necessary to bend float lip at either or both arrows A and B. Never allow needle to be pressed into seat when making the adjustment. It will cause the carburetor to flood.

After the float adjustment has been made and set to manufacturer’s specifications, the float lip must be in the vertical position with the needle lightly seated.

Carter BBD 2 Barrel Carburetor Float

Float Level Getting Out of Whack?

Float level is the only internal service adjustment. Needless to say, correct float level is extremely important and float level specifications and adjustment procedures are covered in the Service Manuals. However, one possibility that is frequently overlooked is the accidental miss adjustment of the float level. If someone disconnects a fuel line from the carburetor without using a secĀ­ond wrench to hold the fuel inlet fitting, chances are the float level will be upset. That’s just about the only way that float level can be upset without taking the carburetor apart.

Carter BBD Float Adjustment Upset
Updated on 04/13/2022

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