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Engine Will Not Operate Properly at High Speed (Aisan)

Many of the same issues that cause a poor idle will also affect the carburetor at high speeds.

Most common issues

  • float set wrong
  • flange or main body gaskets defective or mating surfaces of parts damaged, allowing an air leak
  • carburetor to intake manifold nuts loose
  • intake manifold to cylinder head mounting nugs loose

Other possibilites

  • primary or secondary throttle valve misaligned in bore
  • incorrect choke plate position (should allow choke to open freely when engine is warm)
  • retard vacuum pipe loose in flange or leaking
  • main jet clogged or the wrong size main jet installed
  • malfunctioning power piston
  • defective power valve
  • throttle shaft worn
  • throttle valve misadjusted
Updated on 04/26/2022

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