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Hard Starting in the Morning (Carter AFB)

  • Before starting, look down the carburetor and pump the gas once.
    • You should notice 2 things: the choke valve closes & gas squirts out of the main discharge.
    • If the choke valve doesn’t close, then check for a bad thermostat, or perhaps there is a linkage problem.
    • When no gas squirts out, then the bowl is empty or the accelerator pump circuit is clogged.
    • The bowl might be empty because it’s leaking out of the bottom somewhere, or the gas was siphoned out after turning the engine off.
    • After running the engine (operating temp), turn the engine off and look down at the discharge. There should be no gas dribbling out.
    • After running the engine (operating temp) and at idle look down the carburetor to see if gas is dribbling out. If it is then the check weight may be leaking.
    • No gas squirting out might indicate a clogged pump to discharge channel.
    • Make sure you have a vented gas cap.
Updated on 04/05/2022

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