Stromberg WW Identification

Stromberg WW 2 Barrel Carburetor Identification

The Stromberg WW is a 2 barrel downdraft carburetor which was used on the following vehicles:

Buick 1955-1961, Chevrolet 1955-58, Chrysler 1955-57, Dodge 1953-70, Desoto 1955-57, GMC 1960-74, Oldsmobile 1954-55, Plymouth 1955-67, Pontiac 1955-56 and Studebaker 1953-64.

The carburetor number was stamped on the float bowl cover (top) and might also have a tag.

Stromberg WW Carburetor Kits
WW Carburetor Kits
Updated on 10/04/2021

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