2150 – Change Fast Idle Lever

Motorcraft 2150 Choke

The brass shaft pokes through the brack that envelopes the plastic lever and instead of a clip securing the end of the shaft, the brass end is mushroomed out. IMPORTANT – mark the shaft and plastic
so that when you put the parts back together, you will get it all lined
up. Taking some photos of the assembly might help also.

Motorcraft 2150

Remove the C clip as illustrated.

Motorcraft 2150 Plastic Lever

Notice the rectangular hole where the end of the brass shaft ends in the bracket. It may be hard to see, but the end of the brass shaft is cut so that it fits into the bracket and is stationary. There are two ways you can approach this. One way would be to file the edges of th mushromed end until the shaft can be punched out of the bracket, leaving enough material to be mushromed back out after assembly. The 2nd way would be to grind the end flush, punch the shaft out, then drill & tap a small hole in the end of the shaft. Using a washer and a screw will hold this in place. This is the approach I took in this case. A #6 x 32 screw would work well in this case, or find a self tapping screw about that size.
Updated on 12/07/2020

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