Gas is Dripping From Venturi (Autolite 1100)

What Makes Gas Drip From Venturi?

Fuel is being sucked into the carburetor throat.

  • Check ball at main discharge may be leaking. Tap the check ball lightly to seat it. Test the accelerator pump before putting the carburetor back on the car. See this page on how the pump works.
  • Check ball and/or check weight is missing.
  • Wrong gas cap. Be sure cap is vented. You can test this by loosening the cap and driving the car to see if the venturi drips.
  • Least likely is the fuel pump pressure is too high. Should be about 3.5-4 lbs. If the pressure is too high, flooding will generally occur as well.
  • There are some vent tubes and idle tubes you need to be sure are open.
Updated on 04/27/2022

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