How quickly will my order ship?

USPS: Shipped Monday – Friday (except for USPS holidays) until 12:00 PM Pacific.

UPS: Shipped Monday – Friday (except for major holidays) until 2:00 PM Pacific.

Shipping options for US orders


  • 1st class mail – 5 day average $4
  • Priority mail – 2-3 day average $7.50 – $9 depending on weight

UPS – actual prices dependent on location, services include:

  • Ground
  • 2nd Day Air
  • Overnight

Shipping options for international orders

We ship postal service and UPS to all countries with a few exceptions due to repeated postal issues:

  • Germany – UPS only
  • Ecuador – UPS only

USPS – actual prices are dependent on location

  • 1st Class – 21 day average
  • Priority mail – 8 day avg

UPS – actual prices dependent on location

  • Worldwide Express 4-5 business day avg
  • Worldwide Saver 6-8 business day avg

Can I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number.

  • Priority mail automatically has insurance and tracking
  • UPS automatically has insurance and tracking
  • 1st Class mail can often be tracked but the post office does not guarantee it

Are shipping times guaranteed?

No. The postal system never guarantees their transit times. UPS does under normal circumstances for Overnight and 2nd day air, but they stopped offering money back guarantees during the spring of 2020.

Please keep in mind transit time can vary greatly depending on:

  • current political climate – priority mail took up to three weeks at the height of Covid shutdowns
  • weather conditions – even those not directly in your area
  • seasonal effects – for example normal holiday increases, or increased volume due to increased online shopping during Covid

 I put an incorrect/old address or made a typo, can I change the shipping information?

  • Please notify us by email or phone immediately if you notice an error in your shipping information.
  • Once a package has left our facility, we have no way of making corrections to the address
    • If you’ve received a ‘shipping confirmation’ email, the package is gone

My package was returned by the post office, why and what do I do now?

The most common cause of this is incorrect shipping information. If you notice an error on your order confirmation, please notify us right away, once a package has left our facility we cannot alter the address.

  • You can wait until the package arrives back at our facility, we’ll contact you for additional shipping payment and resend the order.
  • You can place a new order with the correct address and we’ll refund for the original order when it arrives back to us.
  • We do not take responsibility for address information entered incorrectly on the online check out form. If your package is delivered to the wrong address you need to contact the post office regarding retrieval.
  • If the mistake was made by us during a phone order we will immediately work to rectify the situation.

International orders are returned for a variety of reasons, most commonly because the package is not retrieved from the customs or postal facility. Please keep an eye on your tracking, your email and phone number are provided on the package so you should be contacted directly, but this is not always the case.

Can’t you ship that small part in an envelope?

No. Not only is it against the rules set out by the post office, but anything thicker than about 5 pieces of paper will get caught in the postal system machines and get damaged.

We ship in appropriate packaging based on the item.

Updated on 04/10/2021

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